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Choose Simpli Soda™ for cost-effective, easy CO2 cylinder exchanges. Save money and time, switch to Simpli Soda™ today!

*Exchanging 60L CO2 cylinders for any brand.
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Pink Cylinders (Quick-Connect Type) are for the SodaStream® Terra™ and Art™ Soda machines, only.

Quick Connect

Blue Cylinders (Screw-In Type) is a universal standard and fits MOST popular soda machines.

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Expect Quality CO2 Cylinders in 2-7 Business Days

Exchange any 2 CO2 cylinders for $13.99 each (+$1.99 flat rate shipping), with no marketing gimmicks. We believe in fair, transparent pricing for your CO2 Exchanges.

Simpli Soda values bubble quality. Expect 2-7 day delivery times based on location.

*Exchange means - we send full ones, you send us your empties.

Lowest Price and Happiness Assured

Lowest Price Guarantee: Simpli Soda focuses on affordability. If you find a lower mail-in refill price, we'll match it. Save money for essentials like fuel and food.

Happiness Guarantee: Simpli Soda prioritizes customer satisfaction. If disappointed, contact us for issue resolution. Your happiness is our goal, and we strive to keep you pleased.

99.9% Pure Beverage Grade & Eco-Friendly

Simpli Soda offers high-quality, eco-friendly CO2 at unbeatable prices with an easy exchange. Enjoy 99.9% pure beverage grade CO2, verifiable on our site. Filled in Lake Mills, WI, we prioritize sustainable, organic CO2 from premium sources near Madison for a reliable, eco-conscious product.

Experience Simpli Soda's Innovative One Tap Refills™ Technology

Experience Simpli Soda's unique One Tap Refills™ Technology via our smartphone app for better prices. Effortless CO2 exchanges with every order. Enjoy a user-friendly experience unmatched elsewhere. Scan the QR code and join us for the magic today!

Simpli Soda Accepts All 60L CO2 Cylinders: Eco-Friendly and Convenient

Simpli Soda refills 60L CO2 cylinders from any company, promoting sustainability. Return two empties with pre-paid label and original box when receiving two full ones. Contribute to waste reduction and protect our planet.

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